What is Pulpe de Vie?

Certified organic* anti-waste, natural, made from “ugly” fresh fruits harvested from small producers and made 100% in France. At Pulpe de Vie, no small asterisks or indecipherable names on the back of the packaging: their certified organic cosmetics are made of 99.2% natural ingredients minimum, but above all 100% transparency on their composition.

*Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard available http:/cosmetiques.ecocert.com.

Fruits, good mood,
and nothing else!

If it seems absurd to have to specify that our care does not contain parabens, silicones, or other harmful products, we are, however, proud to assert all the good things they contain! We find in nature everything your skin needs: patented ingredients, vitamins, fruits, trace elements, larks. Thus, they transform fruits into water, extracts, oils and fragrances in their small factory located in the French Alps. Neither marmots nor chocolate comes out, but products tailored to the needs and respect of each skin type.

A proven formula since 2008

Far from surfing on a trend, Pulpe de Vie since its creation has given itself a mission to develop a clean, responsible, but above all qualitative cosmetology. ‘’We try to find natural alternatives for all our components, for example using black radish as a preservative or olive derivatives to replace the silicone’’. Expertise and know-how of organic cosmetic products acquired over more than ten years, but above all recognized and appreciated by those who matter most to them: you!

Available in this participating retail stores:

HELIABRINE Masque Fruity Exfoliant Cacao et Raisins Peaux Ternes

Moisturizing Face Mask
with Organic Kiwi

HELIABRINE Masque Fruity Purifiant à la Fraise Peaux Grasses

Energizing Face Mask
with Organic Grapefruit

HELIABRINE Masque Fruity Anti-Âge Figue Orange Peaux Sèches

Purifying Face Mask
with Organic Melon

HELIABRINE Masque Repulpant au Collagène

Anti-Pollution Mask
with Organic Peach

Heliabrine Masque Lissant Thé Vert

Matifying Blemish Face Mask
with Organic Tomato

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