February may be the shortest month of the year but for your body, it’s one of the toughest. Winter rages on, the air is dry, daylight is scarce… Need to save your skin, hair and nails until spring?

To the rescue: Three Laboratoire Larima regimens ready to fight the mid-winter blues.


Where art thou, vitamin D?

It’s dubbed the sunshine vitamin and is produced by the skin after a few minutes of exposure to UVB rays. Needless to say, most Canadians are vitamin D deficient from October to April! One of the ways this shortage can manifest itself is through a lacklustre complexion. We’re looking at you, dreary, grey undertone that creeps up on us shortly after the holidays!


The fix:

Get glowing with Margar’Éclat Energizing Face Mask by Pulpe de Vie, a biodegradable mask soaked in organic grapefruit (packed with radiance-boosting vitamin C), organic carrot (a dullness-fighting superfood) and Fucocert, a proprietary ingredient that deeply hydrates. Out with the tired complexion, in with the radiant, energized skin!


Too hot to handle

Nothing robs skin of its moisture quite like electric heat and yet, in the winter, it is unavoidable. In homes, offices, cars and public transit, the air is so dry that it actually pulls moisture from skin, hair and nails. Results? A dry, dull complexion, unruly hair and weakened, brittle nails.


The fix:

To give winter dryness the knockout punch, grab these three essentials: FIRM & GO! Collagen Cloud Mask to restore skin’s natural moisture barrier and boost collagen levels, Ecrinal Strengthening Hair Repair Ampoules to instantly revive hair’s lustre and brilliance, and Ecrinal Fortifying Nail Cream to prevent breakage by boosting natural resistance.


Beauty sleep, or the lack thereof

Fatigue from that last work rush before Christmas, the never-ending party circuit and tough return to reality after the holidays can linger well into February, when its effects are tenfold. In terms of skin, you’ll notice lack of radiance, but also noticeable lines and wrinkles plus darker undereye bags. The worst part? No amount of sleeping in helps!

The fix:

Stock up on Coup d’Éclat Face Lift Beauty Ampoules and use as needed for an instant boost. Each vial contains a cocktail of skin energizing ingredients to immediately erase signs of fatigue. The potent formula minimizes the appearances of imperfection while boosting radiance and smoothness for eight hours.


If there was ever a time for self-care, this is it. Simple things like a balanced diet and active lifestyle can make a world of difference. Another game-changer? Enjoying the joys of winter, so dust off those snowshoes, skates or skis and get some fresh air. You’ll get a healthy glow and—most importantly!—a major mood boost.


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