Sunny days are here to stay—time to get out there and make the most of them! That being said, it’s not all fun in the sun for hair: Extreme heat, UV rays and humidity can wreak havoc on tresses. Solution? Laboratoire Larima’s five simple but failsafe fixes to banish bad hair days.


1. Wash Less

Lathering up too often causes dryness that can eventually trigger dandruff or split ends. This is especially true if you’re using products with abrasive, stripping ingredients that are particularly harsh on the scalp. Thankfully, the solution is simple: Swap your shampoo for a gentle formula and go longer between washes. Results? Transformed tresses—guaranteed!

THE FIX: Ecrinal Super Shine Shampoo


2. Skip the Flat Iron

It may be your best ally for a smooth, frizz-free finish but your flat iron is causing more harm than good. It’s true: Heat styling causes hair loss and damage—not a good look! If you can minimize your dependence on heat styling, you’ll be rewarded with shiny, healthy-looking hair. Worth it, right?

THE FIX: Achieve smooth results with a blow-dryer set to medium heat and a natural bristle brush.


3. Apply a Mask

One of the most game-changing products you can add to your hair care regimen is a mask. An ultra-rich formula will deeply nourish strands and deliver much-needed hydration. Use as often as required for smooth, shiny and manageable locks.

THE FIX: Ecrinal ANP2+ Pure Silk Hair Mask


4. Swap your Shampoo

With the wide array of fun options available in the hair care aisle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And while those highly pigmented, deeply scented products we tend to gravitate to may look and smell pretty, they probably aren’t formulated with the nourishing ingredients your hair needs. By choosing products made from gentle, natural ingredients, you’ll be giving your scalp—and the planet!—a break.

THE FIX: Ecrinal ANP2+ Revitalizing Shampoo


5. Encourage Growth

If you have sparse, dull or very fine hair, know that you’re not alone: Hair loss is an unfortunate reality for many men and women. However, if you think the solution is to hide under sunhats and baseball caps, think again! While covering up the problem can provide temporary relief, it does nothing on the long term. Our advice? Let the scalp breathe as much as possible and choose products formulated to nourish, fortify and maximise hair volume and density.

THE FIX: Ecrinal ANP2+ Hair Vials


Armed with these easy fixes, you’re ready to dive into summer, a.k.a. the most beautiful season of them all!

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