Outside, every trace of winter has disappeared. On your body? Not so much. From cracked skin to unruly tresses, the cold season has a way of sticking around long after the thaw. Ready to start anew for spring? Here’s how to banish winter once and for all.



Hydration is Key

With extreme cold outdoors and harsh, dry heat indoors, your skin is exposed to polar opposite conditions daily throughout the winter. This dramatic contrast weakens skin’s natural barrier and hydration levels, which explains the dry, dull and uneven complexion that plagues us during those months. To reverse the damage, seek high efficacy ingredients like polyglutamic acid (a peptide amino acid that is 500 times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid), which is found in Firm & Go! Collagen Cloud Mask. If radiance is what you’re after, introduce as often as neededCoup d’Éclat Facial Lifting Vials into your morningskincare regimen. And as always, moisturize daily, avoid irritating ingredients and remove all traces of makeup before bedtime.


Inhale, Exhale

Never underestimate the effect of stress on your skin. Indeed, cortisol, a stress-related hormone, negatively impacts cellular turnover, which in turn speeds up the aging process (hello, fine lines and wrinkles). Add the extra drying effect of winter and you have a recipe for disaster! The good news? Simple lifestyle upgrades—drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep and exercising at least 30 minutes per day—can help counteract stress. For an extra boost, add Coup d’Éclat Marine Collagen Vials to your nightly skincare regimen to help optimize collagen levels while deeply hydrating and firming the epidermis.


Tress Tamer

Hair isn’t spared winter’s wrath! On the contrary: Cold is very damaging to both your hair and scalp, as is the constant friction caused by hats and scarves. Dehydrated hair is dull, breakage prone and notoriously unruly. Solution? Ecrinal ANP2+ Pure Silk Hair Mask to deeply nourish and revitalize every single strand and restore brilliance and shine.



At the end of the day, er, season, we’re all in the same boat—and it’s time to officially say goodbye to winter by adopting a restorative skin, scalp and haircare regimen.

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