The all-new biodegradable Pulpe de Vie sheet masks—made from organic “ugly” fresh fruit, no less!—have made their debut at Jean Coutu stores. Have you spotted them yet? If you’re wondering which will address for your specific skin type and concerns, we’ve gathered all the intel.


“I’ve spotted my first wrinkles and my skin is constantly parched.”

Daïqui’Rides to the rescue! Fight the first signs of aging with the First Wrinkles Mask, which is formulated with potent natural ingredients including organic kiwi, quince, hibiscus flower and Osilift, a patented organic oat derivative with lifting and firming properties. Results? Intense moisture, plus a visibly toned and plumped complexion. Bonus: It works as a makeup base, too!


“My skin needs a radiance boost.”

Margar’Éclat to the rescue! The Radiance and Energy Mask harnesses the power of vitamin-packed organic grapefruit to deliver a lit-from-within glow. Other dullness-fighting ingredients include organic carrot (to erase signs of fatigue) and Fucocert (an ultra-powerful moisturizer derived from sugar). One application—think 10 to 15 minutes—is all you need to reap the oh-so-radiant rewards. Psst! It’s a fabulous complexion pick-me-up after a late night.


The pollution and the everyday stress affect my skin brightness.”

Moji’Détox to the rescue! If the frenetic pace and stress of everyday life has taken its toll on your skin, stock up on this Purifying Mask. With a combination of organic melon (to nix impurities), melissa extract (soothing and anti-aging action), Fucocert (moisturizer par excellence) and wild carrot (with detoxifying superpowers), it improves oxygenation, tightens pores and revitalizes the epidermis. Use it at the change of every season, or anytime your skin needs a boost.


 “My features are tired and my complexion is dull.”

Sex on the Peach to the rescue! While stressed-out skin can happen anytime, it’s especially common at the change of seasons. To revitalize, hydrate and oxygenate skin, apply this 100% biodegradable cotton Complexion Restore Sheet Mask. Its formula contains an array of natural reinforced ingredients—think organic peach, kiwi, beechwood buds and Fucocert–to deliver instant, visible results.


Find Pulpe de Vie sheet masks at the Jean Coutu mask bar for $8.99 each. Click here for more information. Enjoy!


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