Germ season is in full swing! Because most of us will get sick at least once during the winter, now’s the time to stock up on products that will make suffering through a cold or flu slightly more bearable. Here are our top tips.


1. Stay Hydrated

It’s no secret that getting plenty of fluids is one of the best ways to kick a cold to the curb. Bonus: Drinking water is great for your skin! Be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine during this time as both have dehydrating effects.


2. Pamper your Skin

If you’re suffering from a cold or the flu, you’re probably alternating between chills and feeling feverish. This takes a toll on your entire body—skin included! To help relieve sensitized, parched skin, start a 6 or 12-day skincare regimen using Coup d’Éclat Marine Collagen Vials as soon as symptoms begin. By the time you’re feeling healthy again, your skin will be radiant, supple and firm. Now that’s a silver lining!


3. Get Plenty of Rest

There’s reason it’s called “beauty sleep”! Fatigue actually speeds up the aging process and makes its effects more visible. Getting plenty of zzz’s is always important, but even more so when your immune system is compromised. Go to bed early and you will soon feel—and look!—100% better.


4. Nix Chapped Lips

A particularly annoying side effect of being sick is dry, cracked lips. Because the skin on your lips is ultra-delicate, it is easily affected by the cold or flu—or even just the harsh winter elements. For quick relief, apply Vita Citral Total Repair Lip Balm as often as desired to hydrate, repair and protect your pout.


The not-so-secret way to survive a cold or flu? Stay hydrated, sleep as much as possible and treat yourself to little beauty luxuries that will soothe your skin and lift your spirits.

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