It’s time to look ahead to the best beauty trends of the new season. Take notes, get inspired, and adopt the ones that complement your personal style and make you feel amazing. Here’s the top 5.



  1. The Bigger the Hair…

Hair takes a turn for the decidedly retro this season, with sixties-inspired mega-volume reigning supreme. (Think Jackie O-esque updo or bouncy bob, for starters.) Accent the look with bold winged liner or double liner à la Twiggy for vibe that’s equal parts throwback and contemporary.


Get the look:

– If you want volume, healthy hair is a must. Need a boost? Ecrinal ANP2+ Strengthening Hair Lotion strengthens, softens and refreshes tresses.



  1. Lash Love

Bold beauty looks are a sixties signature—not to mention a key fall/winter 2019 trend!

And no, you don’t have to commit to false lashes as modern mascaras formulas are more than up to the task. Tip: To minimize clumps when applying several layers of mascara, separate lashes with a spoolie brush between coats for easy definition.


Get the look:

Ecrinal ANP2+ Strengthening Black Mascara is the ultimate multi-tasker. For a natural look, apply one or two coats. And to pump up the drama? As many as you can handle!



  1. No Makeup Makeup

On the opposite end of the beauty spectrum is the natural look, including bare—but flawless!—skin. It’s been dubbed “glass skin” by K-beauty aficionadas, and basically means a radiant, flawless, lit-from-within complexion… with little to no makeup. Translation? Double down on skincare to enhance your au naturel look.


Get the look:

– Glass skin is exactly what Laboratoire Larima Firm & Go! Collagen Cloud Mask delivers. Let its active ingredient sink into your skin for 15 minutes, then rinse to reveal luminous, plump, perfect skin.



  1. Effortless Hair

Go ahead and hit snooze because one of the season’s top hair trends is bedhead. It’s true: Skip the blowdryer, curling iron and flat iron routine and let your natural texture do its thing, whether it’s straight, waved or curly. Throw a little product in there for hold and definition and you’re out the door in record time.


Get the look:

– The key to ditching heat styling is to have naturally healthy, strong hair. In other words, use Ecrinal ANP2+ Pure Silk Hair Mask once a week or as needed to give your hair a moisture boost plus gorgeous softness, shine and volume.



  1. Bushy Brows

The days of extreme plucking are gone for good! Groom those gorgeous arches to perfection by plucking only the occasional straw and brushing them upwards and out with a spoolie brush and brow gel.


Get the look:

– If your brows need a boost in the fullness department, grab a tube of Ecrinal ANP2+ Strengthening Lash Gel, a growth serum that fortifies brows and encourages growth. Apply day and evening and voila: Cara Delevingne-esque perfection.

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