Finding the right skincare routine among the countless products on the market is no easy feat. So how does one whittle down the options and choose a regimen that will deliver results? Consider your age, skin type, primary concerns, and these basic tips.


Under 30

While time is still on your side, know that it’s never too soon to jump into prevention mode. At this stage, hydration is your best bet to protect skin’s precious hydrolipidic film while firming contours of the face, neck and décolleté.


Must-have products:

– Drench your complexion with deep hydration at the change of every season with Coup d’Éclat Marine Collagen Vials.

– Morning and night, apply Héliabrine First Wrinkles Cream. It minimizes fine lines and improves skin’s tone and texture to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion.



Between 30 & 50

As the first signs of aging appear, it’s time to jump into defense mode. In your thirties, skin’s cellular renewal mechanism slows down, causing dullness. In your forties, elastin and collagen fibres, which are responsible for skin’s elasticity, weaken. Look for plumping formulas with hyaluronic acid, cleansing scrubs to maximize active ingredient absorption, as well as moisturizing masks and eye brighteners.


Must-have products:

– Make a weekly date with Firm & Go! Collagen Cloud Mask to help strengthen collagen synthesis.

– Refresh your gaze with Héliabrine Eye Contour Patches that deliver an instant de-puffing effect plus lasting anti-aging benefits.



Fifties & Beyond

With menopause on the horizon, dramatic changes triggered by hormonal changes are to be expected. For instance, plummeting oestrogen and progesterone levels lead to decreased sebum production, which causes dryness. Contours can start to sag as wrinkles deepen. Lipids, to the rescue!


Must-have products:

– This Héliabrine range is specially formulated to erase brown spots that tend to appear on mature skin.

– Before a special occasion or anytime skin needs an extra boost, apply the contents of a Coup d’Éclat Face Lifting Vial. They’re cult classics for a reason!

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