Humidity, chlorine, salt, sunshine… Summer can wreak havoc on skin and hair. Want to minimize damage while soaking in the best of the season? Try these 6 essential products—and enjoy a beautiful summer!


  1. Héliabrine Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Is there anything this ultra-versatile product can’t do? We think not! This multi-tasking marvel works wonders on skin and hair—not to mention the gorgeous gourmand fragrance with notes of musk and vanilla. A single application leaves skin hydrated, soft and silky while a quick spritz is all you need for smooth, shiny and brilliant locks. Even better? The ultra-dry, lightweight formula (read: never greasy) penetrates quickly so you can get dressed and go.


  1. Héliabrine Body Scrub with Citrus Fruits and Sea Salt Crystals

Whether you’re waxing, shaving or self-tanning, deep exfoliation is an essential step to prep the skin for an array of summer treatments. This sea salt crystal scrub gently eliminates dead skin cells and impurities that accumulate on skin’s surface, revealing smooth and radiant skin. Bonus: The invigorating effect of the crisp orange and grapefruit fragrance—guaranteed to be the most refreshing step in your skincare routine!


  1. Ecrinal ANP 2+ Pure Silk Hair Mask

Throughout the summer months, add this restorative mask to your weekly beauty regimen to both prevent and nix hair damage. Goodbye dry, split ends and damage caused by salt, chlorine and sunshine—hello stronger, healthier hair with enviable shine, volume and bounce. For best results, use the entire Ecrinal Hair range.


  1. Akileïne NOK Anti-Chafing Cream

Don’t let the prospect of chafing thighs stop you from wearing breezy sundresses and short-shorts on hot, sticky days. Apply this anti-chafing cream to the affected area—think underarms, groin, thighs, heels, etc.—to create a waterproof, sweat-proof barrier. Heading out for a spin on your road bike? Akileïne’s signature product makes a great chamois cream, too.


  1. Akileïne Blue Line Foot Care Range

Whip those feet into sandal shape—no pricey pedicure required! Akileïne’s Blue Line is all you need for beautiful feet. Standouts include Anti-Callous Rubbing Cream to instantly remove hard, dead skin cells that form calluses and Dry Foot Nutri-Repair Cream to dramatically moisturize and reduce dry cracked skin.


  1. Ecrinal ANP2+ Strengthening Lash Gel and ANP2+ Strengthening Black Mascara

A full face of makeup on a sweltering summer day? No thank you! All you need during the warmer months is ANP2+ Strengthening Lash Gel (morning and night) and ANP2+ Strengthening Black Mascara (morning). Together, they work to significantly improve the length of lashes and the thickness of brows over time for a naturally beautiful look.


The secret to making the most of summer is streamlining your beauty routine. After all, if you choose the right products, less really is more. Time for fun in the sun!

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