When you’ve got a special event coming up, like a wedding or prom, it’s all about preparation! Here are a few beauty tips to look good from head to toe.


2 weeks before D-Day

  • Now’s the time to give your hair the best treatment for the upcoming big day. Nothing else at the drugstore beats Ecrinal’s quality! For a brilliant and thick mane, use the Super Shine Shampoo at every wash. Enriched with Silk Lipesters, grapeseed oil and silk’s regenerative amino acids, this product cleans effectively while leaving hair light, smooth, shiny and voluminous. Follow up with the ANP2+ Hair Conditioner, which hydrates, strengthens and revitalizes hair. Once a week and on the eve of your event, apply the Pure Silk Hair Mask. Your hair will be soft, smooth, healthy-looking and free of split ends!
  • Treat your face to an intensive hydration treatment to give it a radiant look! The Marine Collagen Vials are perfect for restoring shine, moisture and resistance to your skin. After just 12 days, it’ll look noticeably younger and more radiant. Use it before bedtime, after washing your face!

10 days before D-Day


  • The big day is finally here! Before putting on your daytime skincare treatment and make-up, apply a Coup d’Éclat Facial Lifting Vial on your freshly washed face, neck and cleavage. You’ll immediately notice your skin has a more radiant look, and any wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue will be a thing of the past. Adding a few drops to your foundation for a better hold is a good idea to get through your big day!
  • Don’t leave the house before applying the Akileine Magic Foot Balm to any area of your feet prone to rubbing against your shoes. Its barrier effect will help prevent irritations that cause blisters. A real lifesaver when heading for a party while wearing new shoes or sandals!


The countdown has begun. Now you have all you need to get ready for your prom or any special event this summer!


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