The good news? Spring is around the corner. The bad? Changing seasons can wreak havoc on hair and skin. But not to worry! We’ve curated tips, tricks and products to help tailor your beauty regimen to the warmer days. Hello, effortlessly beautiful transition!


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

To eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter and give your skin a fresh start, exfoliate from head to toe. First step? Your face and neck. Apply two dollops of Héliabrine Oxy Defense Exfoliating Cream onto damp skin, massage in a circular motion, then rinse. To deeply exfoliate your body, massage Héliabrine Body Scrub with Citrus Fruits and Sea Salt Crystals onto dry skin, focusing on any especially rough areas. Finally, give your feet the TLC they deserve with Akileine Anti-Callous Rubbing Cream, which instantly eliminates hardened, dry skin. Now that your skin is clean and free of toxins and dead skin cells, slather on your favourite moisturizer to help replenish its natural moisture barrier.


Lighten Up

With cold spells making way for warmer temperatures, your skin probably doesn’t need to fight dehydration with extra-rich moisturizers. Indeed, this is the perfect time to switch to featherweight formulas like serums, lotions and refreshing gels. For a daily dose of radiance, quick-absorbing Héliabrine Oxy-Defense Pearl Serum is a great option. Want to whip your skin into tip-top shape in time for a special event? Apply Coup D’Eclat Marine Collagen Vials for 12 or 24 consecutive days to reveal firmer, younger-looking skin.


Mind Your Mane

Never underestimate the impact of environmental factors on your hair. The atmosphere greatly influences hair’s natural turnover cycle, which can explain a seemingly sudden loss of volume, brilliance and shine. To the rescue: Hair and scalp fortifying products from the Ecrinal Hair Care collection, including the game-changing ANP2+ Pure Silk Hair Mask to instantly revitalize and repair strands from root to tip.


Just like that, we’re ready for spring. Do you have any new season beauty tips? We’d love to hear!

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