The beginning of each new year is when many of us make new resolutions such as adopting healthy habits to start the year off on the right foot. We’ve decided to do the same for beauty! Here are the three resolutions we intend to follow through on this year to build and maintain our beauty and health regimen.

  1. Choose the right products based on our needs.

We are often influenced by new beauty care products with revolutionary promises or by the latest trend, but forget to ask ourselves whether that particular product is really suitable for us. We each have a specific skin, hair and nail type that may require particular care. Before trying out a new product or treatment, we have to know what our needs are and make sure that what we’re putting on our face, body, hair and nails is right for us and will be beneficial. That means we’ll spend our beauty budget on the right products according to our needs and won’t waste any more money!

  1. Select products made with natural ingredients.

It’s been proven, nature knows how to do it right! When it comes to beauty, the virtues of plant-based ingredients are unparalleled. Remember: the products you use are absorbed into your system—they’re not just staying on the surface. This year, we’re saying goodbye to treatments that contain allergens or endocrine disruptors. Instead, we’ll be using products of exceptional quality that are made with natural ingredients, like the Ecrinal line, which is 100% vegan and just as gentle for us as for the environment.

  1. Moisturize our forgotten areas!

We can’t say it enough: the key to healthy skin is moisturizing daily! Now that the message has gotten through, we may still forget less obvious places like our feet, nails or scalp. But we shouldn’t! Our poor heels deserve the greatest care since they carry our weight around, day in and day out. Our nails reflect our health and should be given as much loving attention as we can give them. Not to mention our scalp, which can become so dry in winter as to need special care. In other words, we’ve decided to take care of these forgotten areas in the new year!

Will you join us? We’re getting this year off to the right start. Why not do it together? Take care of all your beauty needs by shopping on thebeautyshoppers.com, the Laboratoire Larima beauty boutique—your destination for well-being, from head to foot!

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